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panoramic view of a golf course and two guys playing in it
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The 19th Hole Bar & Grill

Fuel up for a day out on the greens, or enjoy drinks and shareable plates after a round of 18 holes. The 19th Hole Bar & Grill offers delectable breakfast and lunch plates with classic American flair, including salads, sandwiches, wings, and smoked fish dip made with mullet.

  • Championship Course
  • The Loop Course
  • The Short Game Center
view of a park and a shadow of trees
Par 4

Hole #1

While it's a short opening par 4, this hole requires strategy. At only 245 yards from the men’s tee, a drive of 175 yards will leave a nice 70-yard approach to a well-bunkered and undulated green.

view of a clean and empty park
Par 4

Hole #2

Another good opening hole at 334 yards, those with confidence in their driver will definitely want to roll the dice off the tee, but the average player may want to play for placement.

park during a sunny day
Par 3

Hole #3

This is where things start to get interesting. This hole is a long par 3 at 192 yards. Choose your club selection wisely – anything from a 3-iron to a fairway metal.

green environment with big trees around
Par 5

Hole #4

This hole is the first of our four par 5s and a great chance for a birdie given its length (only 485 yards). Take the opportunity to go for the green in “two” or play a lay-up for strategic positioning.

park with bunch of big trees and a path
Par 4

Hole #5

Want to ‘grip it and rip it?’ Here’s your chance on this par-4 that plays 326 to 341 yards.

view of a park and a line shadow
Par 4

Hole #6

On the sixth hole, your tee shot must find the fairway directly with trees out of bounds located on the right and a small water pod located on the left.

natural park and a clear sky
Par 5

Hole #7

A good birdie chance awaits on this par 5, 529-yard hole, with homes down on the right and trees on the left. Two well-placed shots make for an easy approach to a sloping green.

eight hole of the plantation golf course
Par 3

Hole #8

A rather long carry above water to a welcoming green shouldn’t pose a problem for most players. Wind can cause havoc, though, so be mindful of your distance.

nine hole of the plantation golf at daytime
Par 3

Hole #9

Returning to the clubhouse, this short par 4 provides a good opportunity for you to make a birdie before you grab a hot dog at the next turn.

small image of a landscape
Par 3

Hole #1

The players from 165 to 185 yards as a par-3 over water. Big hitters can leave their drivers in the bag and go for the green.

nature view and a lake on the right side of the image
Par 3

Hole #2

A par-3 that stretches from 124 to 131 yard: you’ll be challenged by the subtlety of the green.

view of a natural park and a big tree shadow on half of the image
Par 4

Hole #3

The course gets a little longer on this hole playing from 345 to 360 yards. Again, your shot must be at it best.

view of a garden at daytime
Par 3

Hole #1

The finishing holelagoons number 9.jpg islagoons number 9.jpg also a great birdie opportunity at 135 to 145 yards.

ten hole course of the plantation golf property
Par 4

Hole #10

With O.B. on the left, a skillful drive placed down through the central left side of the fairway offers the best possible approach to the green.

eleven hole course of property
Par 5

Hole #11

This hole presents a challenge and may be an opportunity for a birdie, but to escape with par is a good score. At 552 yards from the back tees and 537 yards from the regular tees, shot placement is paramount to scoring.

twelve hole course of property
Par 4

Hole #12

A stout par 4 at 410 yards, you’ll enjoy biting off as much as you can chew on this hole. Keep your tee shot down the left side to open up the hole for your approach.

thirteen hole course of plantation golf property
Par 4

Hole #13

There’s no let-up here where the hole measures between 385 and 421 yards. With majestic oaks on the left and water on the right, your tee shot must find the fairway to be successful.

fourteen hole of plantation golf property
Par 4

Hole #14

A short par 4, the hole gives the player and chance to relax a bit off the tee. While only 356 yards from the tips, players are often greeted on the green by devilish hole locations surrounded by well-sloped side bunkers.

fifteen hole course tour of property
Par 3

Hole #15

Watch out for trees that protect the course and an undulating green that’ll keep your putter’s attention. This hole plays from 175 to 193 yards but provides bailouts if necessary.

sixteen hole course tour of property at daytime
Par 5

Hole #16

A relatively benign par 5 towards the end of the golf course, this short hole gives the player a good opportunity for birdie as it plays from 450 to 484 yards.

seventeen hole course tour of property at sunset
Par 3

Hole #17

Choose the right club on this par 3, as the deep green can add a club or two to your iron selection while you play this straightforward hole from either the 171-yard tee or back at 182 yards.

eighteen hole course with a tree shadows
Par 4

Hole #18

The closing hole is short enough from the tips to offer a birdie opportunity. Take dead aim from the tee – you’ve got to hit the drive between the trees on the right and water on the left for a good chance at birdie.

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Around the Course

Get a better look at our resort’s 18-hole championship golf course.